Where there is will, there is hope!

A lot of amazing things have happened this summer. It started off in Barcelona were I celebrated my birthday with my kids and Jamie. Just being around the three of them gives me great joy. When those kind of emotions are elevated, its hard not to get inspired. So during our vacation there and throughout the rest of my “free” time I stayed motivated.
 I remembered the plans my son and I made during our workouts and walks in Barcelona. I carried that inspiration with me back to Stockholm and continued on that path. Lemon water first thing in the morning, minimum 22 minutes positive thinking at sun rise. Fresh clean food with plenty of greens, taking the time necessary to prepare my juices and meals. Regular exercise, focusing on what I really need to improve physically but more importantly mentally. Getting it done on the daily!
Now as fall awaites us ebbing in with a magnificant end to the summer of 2015, I’m sitting here feeling energised, motivated and ready to go! More so than ever before. A few years ago after vacation I would need another one! Today I feel stronger than ever:) See you at the gym!


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